For 90 years: Rooms for people.

As pioneers in the use of new construction and planning methods, we remain open to new technologies and new ideas.

Our office has its own specialist planners for laboratory and medical technology, energy and sustainability experts, experts for accessibility in buildings and outdoor spaces, and experts for fire protection. In order to offer our clients the highest level of quality, our company has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 2008.

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  • Gebäudetechnik
  • Tragwerksplanung
  • Landschafts-, Freianlagen- und Verkehrsplanung


Hospital construction and healthcare

We realise healthcare buildings of the most diverse disciplines - from the new construction of a large hospital to extensions of existing buildings to extensive operating theatre renovations. We take a holistic approach to each of our projects. We always keep an eye on economic and energy efficiency, life cycle costs, process optimisation and sustainability. With our own department for medical and laboratory technology, every project in healthcare and laboratory construction is professionally accompanied from the very beginning.

Medical and laboratory technology

Medical and laboratory technology planning offers innovative and intelligent system solutions, tailored to any planning task and individual client requirements.

Our in-house specialist planners take over the overall medical technology planning from the beginning to the completion of a project and work intensively and directly with the project management during the entire planning process. The department headed by Martina Becher-Euteneuer serves as an interface and fixed contact for all trades involved in the project - the best way to realise an economically efficient concept.

Buildings for senior citizens and people with disabilities

Whether nursing home, workshop or assisted living: In the field of nursing homes and buildings for people with disabilities, our projects show that we put the needs and wishes of our customers and the future users in the foreground at all times. We create spaces for people to live, work and receive modern care in a pleasant atmosphere.


Educational building

Whether it's a vocational training centre, day nursery, crèche or school building: we dedicate ourselves to our educational projects with concept and brains. We refurbish, expand and realise new educational buildings - even during ongoing operations. With our new school buildings in passive house standard, we prove that economic efficiency and innovative architecture can go hand in hand.

Barrier-free planning and building

Based on our self-image of building spaces for people, it is particularly important to us to plan our architecture so that it is usable and usable for everyone. Our experts for accessibility in buildings and outdoor spaces, Renate Schedler and Frank Wüster, create comprehensive accessibility concepts and implement each project with passion. Advice for building owners and users is provided in accordance with DIN 18040. However, our set goal is to realise needs-based, protection-goal-oriented planning in every project with regard to accessibility and thus create added value for all users.

Residential and office building

Based on our office tradition, we plan and build residential, office and administrative buildings. We bring buildings that are getting on in years up to date in terms of energy and technology - even if they are listed buildings. If more space is needed, we find a solution for our clients for the optimal extension. We are already planning for the future so that our buildings can easily accommodate the office concepts of tomorrow.

Fire prevention

With holistic fire protection concepts, the certified experts at a|sh Brandschutz ensure compliance with the highest possible safety standards. A high level of safety by no means always requires greater technical effort and higher costs, but intelligent solutions tailored to the specific situation on site.

During the entire planning and execution phase up to commissioning, every project is accompanied and optimised from the point of view of fire protection by our managing director of Brandschutz GmbH Heinrich Sadowski. We support our building owners with fire protection instructions for the commissioning of the object. Fire protection regulations, fire brigade plans as well as escape and rescue plans are prepared for buildings.


Competitions and expertises

We regularly take part in national and Europe-wide architectural competitions. Our services also include the preparation of plan appraisals, value appraisals, feasibility studies as well as target and master planning. Professor Linus Hofrichter has participated in international competitions as a judge and expert for many years. Heinrich Sadowski, our managing director at a|sh Brandschutz GmbH, is a certified expert for fire protection who prepares expert opinions and fire protection concepts.

Company profile and management

More than 90 years of office history, over 230 employees and several locations in Germany and Switzerland: a|sh is one of the large and traditional architectural offices in Germany. The company for architecture and general planning realises projects in the field of social infrastructure with a focus on health and education.

The company's origins date back to 1930. From 1991 to 2013, Professor Linus Hofrichter headed the office together with Hubertus Sander.

In 2014, the company was transformed into sander.hofrichter architekten GmbH, Gesellschaft für Architektur und Generalplanung. Today, Torsten Petroschka, Martin Rieger, Nadine Schirmer, Peter Kuhl and Thorsten König, together with Professor Linus Hofrichter, form the creative management of the rapidly growing company.

Since 2016, the GmbH Sander Hofrichter Architekten has been operating with a new logo and design as a|sh architekten. In 2017, a|sh Brandschutz GmbH was founded under the management of Heinrich Sadowski.



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a|sh sander.hofrichter architekten GmbH

ICONIC Award 2020: selection architecture winner

Craft Campus Bielefeld - Chamber of Crafts with training centre and workshop building

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AKG Prize 2019

Recognition: Clinics at the Paar, hospital Aichach

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