Architecture Barometer | Interview with Linus Hofrichter

In his interview with Grohe, Mr. Hofrichter explains how a|sh coped with new challenges during the Corona pandemic, what influence this change will have on work in the future, and how on-going projects will be continued during this period of crisis. Another main point also concerns the influence that the crisis will have on building culture in future. In this context Mr. Hofrichter discusses the healthcare system and how it may develop in future as a result of concentration and consolidation processes.

“A hospital structure can support the medical process or work against it. A hospital has to function like a well-oiled machine and map the medical process in terms of the patient, the nurses and the physicians. This has to do with path lengths and clarity.”

“A good operational organization concept and a good space and function program alone as a basis for planning do not guarantee a well-functioning hospital. Ultimately, a hospital has to be developed from the clinical process, the architect has to think his or her way into the clinical processes, and then it will be a good design.”

“Aligning the future design of our hospital structures with an extreme scenario like Corona is possible and financially feasible if we continue the intelligent concentration process which we have already begun, and close sites.”

AIT DIALOG Interview with Prof. Linus Hofrichter

GROHE Interview with Prof. Linus Hofrichter

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