Light, Visual References and the Human Scale

This was the title of the article that made it onto the cover of the special edition of KU Gesundheitsmanagement (KU Health Management). Several pages report on the new orientation, the healing environment and the urban character of the new building.

Together with H2M Architekten we implemented state of the art examination and treatment areas at the Münchberg Clinic. These are compactly combined in a two-story functional building. Thanks to daylight from the inner courtyards, sightlines of the adjacent city park are created inside the new clinic building. Through the use of natural materials and colourful accents rooms were able to be created with a high amenity value for patients and staff.

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Passende News

Official Start of Construction in Worms

On 28 October 2020 the official start of construction of the middle school Pfrimmtal Realschule Plus in Worms was celebrated with the ground-breaking ceremony. The planned new building forms the architectural shell for the future-oriented pedagogy of the school. The planning decision was made in favour of a cluster concept, which is to be used in… Read more

Geschwister-Scholl School Becomes an Interdenominational School

On 22 October 2020 the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony was held in Leimen. Two structures will be built in the first construction phase, the secondary school with classrooms and the cafeteria with the library. Read more

Start of Construction at Lörrach Central Hospital (ZKL)

It’s on! Funding for the project of the century was released on 20 July, thus achieving an important milestone. The new building is designed in the form of a cloverleaf. The three nursing care buildings planned can be extended by a fourth as required. Read more