Mainz state parliament celebrates topping-out ceremony

After approximately two years following the laying of the foundation stone, the structural work on the historic Deutschhaus am Rhein in Mainz has been completed. To mark the occasion the traditional topping-out ceremony was celebrated on 28 August 2019 while honouring the planners and companies involved in the construction work.

“What the craftsmen and engineers have achieved in the past two years deserves respect and esteem. What we see here is much more than a “sustainable rehabilitation of the state parliament building” and the new construction of a 300 square metre extension,” said Linus Hofrichter, Managing Director at a|sh.

Heritage and modernity form a perfect synthesis. The building is technically equivalent to a new building and will be fit for many years of democratic work.

With complete preservation of the historical shell of Deutschhaus, a “new state parliament” was very thoughtfully and skilfully – almost “endoscopically” – created inside. On the outside, it has remained the same, familiar building. Inside, great new spatial experiences that one would never have expected open up in the modest Deutschhaus,” added Linus Hofrichter.

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